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Healthy bodies
nurture healthy minds

The chefs at Acorn are passionate about their work and bring a lifelong experience of healthy food preparation to the task.

Childhood nutrition is recognised as an important determinant of adult health and longevity. Not only is early childhood an opportune time to establish a sound physiological foundation for life but even more importantly it offers the opportunity for habitual adoption of healthy eating patterns. Quite a few parents have commented that their children rarely at vegetables until attending an Acorn Child Care Centre.

Insufficient dietary intake diminishes the health status of many children around the world. But in Australia, the opposite is problematic-children here are eating too many calories. Too much high calorie dense, fatty food eating randomly at whim.


Acorn Child Care Centres contribute only a relatively small proportion of an attending child’s total nutritional intake. However, the following factors are considered in the food preparation at Acorn in an effort to provide a positive nutritional experience for each child…

  • Foods selected will be hygienic and fee of toxic, infective, or carcinogenic agents
  • Foods generally will be fresh and wholesome with limited processing
  • Foods will generally be high fibre (less calorie dense) providing a sense of filling for less calorie intake
  • Foods will be low in saturated fat content
  • Food is provided at regular times and is not available between meal or snack times
  • A limited range of food choices are provided to encourage a child’s compliance with the meal program
  • Bringing alternate foods into the Centre is discouraged to prevent taste comparisons since fatty foods usually taste better
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