Open Fields and Trees vs. Purpose-Made Playgrounds for Playtime

Some studies suggest that, when it comes to kids’ playtime, it’s best to let them interact with natural elements like rocks and trees. This is because these objects help children unlock their imagination and originality better compared to seesaws or monkey bars. This finding affirms that free play in nature beats purpose-made environments in helping little ones develop their cognitive functions, which translate to better performance in school.

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The Importance of a Child’s First 1000 Days

Many research work point to how crucial babies’ first 1000 days of growth are. Apart from how they progress physically, this time is vital for their brain’s development. 

During this period, a child’s brain has the most plasticity and reaches around 80% of its adult size by age 3. In addition, relationships, experiences, and the environment they are exposed to influence their maturity later on.

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Supporting Our Families in Response to COVID-19

Acorn understands that our lives have been changed dramatically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, childcare services for families continue to be more important than ever; providing support and comfort for those employed in essential services.

Our dedicated staff are doing everything possible at each of our centres to ensure the safety of you, your children and our staff. Throughout this process we are grateful for your understanding and co-operation as some of our procedures have changed in recent weeks.

We continue to remain in close contact with our families and we are here to answer any questions related to COVID-19.

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Acorn East New Playground & Eco-Reserve

Looking towards 2020 the extension of Acorn East’s yard will bring a whole new focus to children playing and learning with an eco-reserve and chicken yard being part of the plans.

This will help our little learners be children, and learn from their natural environment, emphasising hands-on expertise, working with STEAM projects, and provide the room to run and support gross motor development.

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Kids Who Start School Later Do Better, Study Shows

It's the age old-question facing so many parents: should your child start school early or late? Well, a new study might finally have an answer. The study from the University of Technology, Sydney shows that children who are held back and start school later are at a huge advantage - one that follows them throughout their lives.

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Parent TV

Want to be a calmer and more connected parent? Acorn Child Care Centre in Bundaberg, QLD has subscribed to Parent TV. This is a great resource for parents and staff alike. You will have access to the most highly regarded parenting experts at any time that suits you. Login details and instructions are available to parents in the foyer.

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