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Music Immersion Program

Why is Music Important? Research has shown that music is beneficial for all age groups. However, from before birth and through early childhood our brains are developing new neural connections at an extremely rapid rate. If you want to pick one activity to stimulate and enhance this process, music is it.

  • Co-ordination – Music goes hand in hand with movement. Both fine and gross motor skills will be stimulated and developed.
  • Language & Vocabulary – Music uses, explores and develops language and vocabulary.
  • Math – Music itself is patterning with sounds. We also explore mathematical concepts in our content.
  • Social skills – Music is a social activity that encourages teamwork and sparks potentially lifelong friendships.
  • Emotional Wellbeing – Good music stimulates brain patterns that keep us more emotionally stable and calm.
  • Creativity – Good music encourages and allows op-

What will my child do in Music?

In short, the answer is play, play, play!!

0-2 year groups

We will focus on internalising the beat and learning repertoire so we can extend concepts as we get older. In this age group, the focus is on an individual experience. I will go to the child to play the game rather than them coming together as a group.

2-3 year groups

We are extending our repertoire, learning to demonstrate the beat, using physical actions, introducing basic rhythm and discovering our singing voice. Experimentation with percussion instruments is also a highlight for this age.

3-4 year groups

We are extending our repertoire, refining our beat demonstration, discovering, naming and representing basic rhythmic patterns. We are discovering the difference between our speaking and singing voice. These children will work well as a group and enjoy learning from engaging with each other as well as with adults.

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