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At Acorn Child Care Centre we recognise that effective communication is vital in providing care that is personal and individualised. We recognise that when it comes to your child, you are the expert. Our educators rely on you to share with them your intimate knowledge of your child each day in order to provide care that is consistent with your home environment, and to develop a program that reflects an understanding of your child’s changing needs throughout their growth and development.

Our experienced educators recognise that your baby’s routine is individual. On enrolment and throughout your child’s attendance at the Centre, our educators will discuss with you, your child’s individual and changing needs. Our flexible routines ensure that your child receives the individual care that they need, and the routine you have established at home for your child is respected and followed whenever possible.

In the interests of your child’s health, if your child is on a milk formula, you are required to provide your child’s daily intake in individually named bottles each day. Cow’s milk is provided by the Centre. If you are breast feeding when your child commences care, please speak to the staff in your child’s Playroom. Nursing mothers are very welcome at our Centre, and our staff are always willing to offer support and provide further information should you require it. We can accommodate comfortable breast feeding at the Centre or alternatively, can bottle feed expressed milk.

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