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At Acorn, we celebrate people who embrace our values. We look for people with the experience, training and personal qualities who will have the commitment to deliver innovative and considered programs that have earned us a reputation for providing the highest quality child care. Both Acorn Child Care Centres in Bundaberg boast modern, purpose-built and spacious environments where you’ll find a wealth of experience, talent, and career paths.

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At Acorn, you’ll find a wealth of experience, talent, and career paths.

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Our mission is to provide outstanding childcare that nurtures and realises the potential within each child.

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Acorn Child Care Centres Code of Conduct

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality childcare that aims to nurture and realise the potential within each and every child.

Our Values:


We value respect for it is the basic value that each person at every age needs to work, thrive and grow. Respect nurtures and allows personal growth at all ages.

Positive Attitude

We value a positive attitude as the person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around them positively and brings about positive results.


We value trust in the workplace. Trust is essential to a productive, safe and inviting environment in which both children and staff can thrive and grow.


We value diligence to provide us with the ability to achieve. Working hard to do the right thing the right way which contributes to an ever-higher standard of a nurturing environment.


We value wisdom because its deliberate use allows us to grow to our full potential. Wisdom makes knowledge effective and leads to accountable words and actions.


We value integrity as it reflects an adherence to moral and ethical principles producing soundness of moral character of which honesty is a core attribute. Integrity nurtures the growth of respect, trust, wisdom, diligence and a positive attitude in the workplace.

From these values we always expect all staff members to be able to:

  • To fulfil the duties tasked upon him or her in a professional, responsible, and conscientious manner.

  • Foster comradeship among Acorn staff members.

  • Behave in a manner free from harassment and intimidation or overbearing, bullying or physically/emotionally threatening behaviour.

  • Be alert to the sensitivities of others and refrain from behaviour which may cause offence.

  • Respect the personal beliefs held by others.

  • To maintain a standard of conduct free from negative discrimination.

  • Behave in a way that upholds Acorn’s values, integrity, and good reputation.

  • Respond to direction from those in authority in a respectful, cooperative manner.

  • Adopt professional communication free from offence.

  • Treat all contacts with fairness.

  • Demonstrate professional and courteous behaviour and attitude in all dealings with customers and other staff of Acorn.

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